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Would a woodchuck chuck?

Woodcast is a versatile and easy-to-use orthopaedic cast based on innovative new technology. Its revolutionary features usher in a whole new era for orthopaedic cast professionals.

When heated, it will bend but not break. The material also adheres tightly to itself when necessary (such as in angular cast applications). Once cooled, WOODCAST sets to provide a durable, non-fraying support, able to withstand even concentrated loads. The light and breathable cast is clinically tested and endorsed by professionals. Patient feedback indicates their appreciation for the comfort of the product.

Woodcast by Onbone was granted the Chemical Industry Innovation Award* on April 23, 2012.

More info at Onbone and Desigence

*The Chemical Industry Innovation Award encourages creativity and innovation among the professionals working in the chemical industry research. The Award is presented every second year.  The Winner is selected by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, and the Award is presented by the Chemical Industry Federation.


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