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Wish list 2015: Redefinition of Meanings

Our coming generations will more and more redefine all we have known so far. As I already mentioned in my blogs: A place called home and The home of the future by Samsung ,the curator of Belgium’s Kortrijk Biennale 2014, Joseph Grima, called the whole event “The Home Does Not Exist”, while the London Design Festival organisation held at the main marketplace in London, Trafalgar Square, a big exhibition entitled “A Place Called Home”. Also Boo-Keun Yoon, the President of the Samsung concern, in his September speech at the IFA 2014 trade show, said that the home of future does not exist. Provocations or the beginning of a social debate? Young people belonging to the so-called Generation Y or Millennials (the ones born between 1980 and 2000) have other values. They have been brought up in a world dominated by big brands and advanced technologies. These children have already received more information than their grandparents in their whole life. These children have grown up in the era of peace and prosperity. What will be the definition of a family? Will we be able to ‘adopt’ our friends as relatives in the future? Will we be able to be a family without blood or surname relations? These and other meanings will change with every new generation, and they will often be huge.

Recently, I found a very interesting short post on the Curiosity InsightStream blog entitled: “Millennials Are Changing the Meaning of Value”. The author wrote: “Attracting a millennial to a brand or product isn’t overly complicated. What’s important to take into account is what value actually means to a lot of Millennials. Millennials aren’t really attracted to flashy deals, advertisements and low prices. They’re mostly interested in high quality products that can be bought at an affordable price. They love something that promises a unique experience—like a locally owned restaurant with a signature craft beer. Millennials will also be excited by products that do good, meaning in some way, that the product helps the community or environment.”
The new generation will redefine our old-system world into new values and communities.


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