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Wish list 2015: Decline of Capitalism

I remember writing in my blog in December 2012 that in newspapers, magazines or reputable websites I found New Year’s texts about what the amazing New 2013 Year was going to bring us. Many of those prophecies have come true but quite a lot have become fantasies postulating a better tomorrow. This time: no forecasts but my true reflections on what I would like to happen or what we should be aware of. I’m not going to write about the colonisation of Mars, flying drones or nanotechnology. The more or less speculative future can be read about everywhere. For me, Trend equals Awareness. That’s why I have drawn up my wish list of 5 important points that constitute a kind of awareness change.

Here is the first of my 5 points:

 1 Decline of Capitalism

For over 17 years, I have been monitoring eight different branches of industry. For the same number of years, I have also been working for major leaders, brands, governmental organisations and SMEs all over the world. For the last decade, all of them have been struggling for their position and constantly been investing in innovation and portfolio development. This is the innovation which made us, the consumers, a generation of rubbish. This innovation was not based on genuine improvement of our lives and world but on pure satisfaction of conditions put by shareholders to companies’ boards of management. Jeremy Rifkin touches on this subject in his latest book ‘The Zero Marginal Cost Society’.

For some time now, I have also been observing a very strong tendency, particularly among the younger generation (born after 1980), to rebel and stop wishing to be consumers:

They consciously choose life:

– Without a driving licence (meaning they are not going to buy cars),

– Without TV sets (because they can download any latest film through apps for a penny ante subscription fee and watch every TV programme, which puts all TV stations against a wall),

– And repair their things socially and exchange them creating a resilient second-hand market (example: New York’s stores networks, Beacon’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange, both of which being ‘trade, buy, sell’ concepts).

But above all, the consumers understood that the only thing they need to buy is really NOTHING. Nothing as they already have everything. What I can see is the (very slow) onset of a decline of this great ‘Americanisation’ or something that seems to have turned into bloody capitalism. We are beginning to change the economic system modelling ourselves into the followers of “Scandinavisation” (Scandinavian way of living. Caring society) whereby a local society will become the national added value itself.



Above: page from The Guardian – online edition

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Cover image: Occupy demonstration in Rome, 15 October 2011



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