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Wish list 2015: City official 4.0

The last issue on my list of wishes and considerations pertains to state officials. This is a “profession” which has not changed its profile and attitude to reality for decades. It is like a fossil in the Earth Museum. But sadly, I have bad news for those occupying official vacancies. Together with the fall of capitalism, the growing role of cities and the passing of the state and its authorities to the role of moderator, the officials’ work will change by 180 degrees. During my numerous recent projects with various City Offices and Ministries in the Netherlands, I have been a witness to many conversations and meetings. The Dutch state officials are changing their role. Their new task is to be an advisor and consultant for their customers. Yes, that’s true, they are no longer supplicants but customers while an Official 4.0 is a coach who carries out your case and does his best to settle it with success. In the times of redefinition, many ‘rules of law’ will not have enough time to change up to the modern ‘slow’ meaning and that is why if you, for example, want to set up a theatre but according to the law you have no sufficient means, your Advisor can offer you a festival platform within which you can also run a theatre. An Official 1.0 did everything to fill in documents but did not help you, now the Official 4.0 does everything to help you first and then fills in documents.


“The city challenges us not just to live together but to thrive together, by understanding that our fate is a shared one.”


Above: Intelligenthq.com

Social-event_Rake-Lijnen-2014 Rake-Lijnen_Project-Kaktus_testingRake-Lijnen_Project-Kaktus_Hintlint

Above: 3 x (+cover) Rake Lijnen Design

Deepening - 8 platform of Kilburn Undergroud

Above: platform of Kilburn Undergroud Station, London


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