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Warsaw rides on BMW

Since the end of the eighties, “Eastern Europe” has become a region where the question of urban identity has increasingly become a key issue and a competitive advantage. Warsaw – the largest city in Central Europe with more than 3 million inhabitants, is representative of many towns and cities in this region where an above-average development of the metro market has been forecast. An increasing number of people are moving into urban areas and existing fleets need to be modernised or extended. Train design will play a decisive role in the process of making the cities competitive.

BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA develops the design of the Metro Inspiro, the latest underground passenger train from Siemens for Warsaw. In total, in Warsaw there will soon be 35 trains amounting to a total value of 270 million Euros.

Design is becoming increasingly important within the urban environment. A metropolis’ identity is notably determined by the quality and visual impression of its local public transport system. In the summer of 2010, the Siemens company commissioned BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA to develop the design of the new Metro Inspiro – a further chapter in the long-standing cooperation of the two partners. With the Metro Inspiro, Siemens is aiming to set new benchmarks. The design team focused on combining the demands of the Siemens company, potential operators, passengers and the environment alike. An intelligent interplay between state-of-the-art technology and emotional design is focused on defining a new and sustainable quality of experiencing urban mobility. With the new design, Siemens will be participating internationally in open competitive bidding for inner-city passenger train fleets. The global growth potential for this mobility sector is estimated to be around four percent.

In order to provide room for the individualisation of the Metro Inspiro, it was designed as a “platform”. In addition to aesthetics and functionality, sustainability and economic efficiency requirements were right at the top of the design studio’s list of priorities. This is visible, inter alia, in the innovative door-light graphics, based on the hourglass principle, which provide passengers with vital information on the remaining boarding time. This concept improves the flow of passengers boarding and exiting the train, thereby facilitating an increase in frequency. It equally gives the new Siemens Metro an instantly recognisable, unmistakable “face” – modelled by designers as a “trust- building” feature.

More info Metro Inspiro; Public Transport Warsaw


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