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View from above

A few years ago, IKEA published a limited edition of their fantastic cook book called “Hembakat är Bäst” (Homemade is best).  At first the book was made as an internal relation gift. Its success was enormous. Later on, IKEA decided to publish a consumer version that was available in their shops. OK, what really makes this book special is the photography. This exceptional work was done by Carl Kleiner, and styled by Evelina Kleiner and Forsman & Bodenfors.

What makes these images so special? They are made with a view from above, horizontal and against a background of soft pastel colours. After IKEA’s book, this way of communication became widely admired, inspiring one designer after another. Today it is a big booming trend in infographic, graphic, multimedia and UI design. Check out the examples below.

Above: IKEA, photography by Carl Kleiner

Above: Photography by Carl Kleiner

Above: Riess

Above: Mitsymoto Designs

Above: Austin Radcliffe

Above: Jeongwon Ji

Above: 3 x Emily Dumas

Above: School of Form, design by Karo Koto

Above: Ryan MacEachern

Above: Carl Kleiner

Above: Lucy+Jorge Orta

Above: David Okum

Above: Poster: Sustainism: A New Ethos for Design?

Above: Maud

Above: Shane Schneck & Clara von Zweigbergk

Above: Artek

Above: J.W. Hulme Company

Above: Primus

Above: Puma

Above: Mac Pix

Above: Nyla Free Designs Inc.

Above: Sara Morris

Above: Amy Chen

Above: Pantone



Cover: photo by Carl Kleiner




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