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Vienna’s mineral water

In the old city of Rome, public taps with drinking water were available for free to everybody.

Unfortunately, in our current capitalistic economy, in big cities you can only buy your drinking water in PET bottles. That is very bad for our environment. When we pack our water in plastic bottles at a price of 3 to 5 Euros per litre, there will be no drinking water at all in Africa and India. People in these continents have to try to make heavily polluted water drinkable again. What polarisation! Why?

I am very happy that the Vienna city council has applied the ancient Roman solution; all over the city they’re installing special taps with drinking water for free!

Over 95% of Vienna’s water comes through two pipelines direct from the Alps. They don’t even need to pump it. Gravity does the job for them. As a result, the tap water is of very high quality, low in nitrogen, and has no measurable pesticide residues.

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