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Urban cargo cruiser

Riding a bike is a fun, environmentally friendly way of getting around the city. Sometimes, though, riding a bike isn’t the most efficient way to carry your shopping. Think heading to the market or bringing the kids to a kindergarten. The Dutch already solved this problem by using everyday cargo bikes like Bakfiets. But, a new street lifestyle is now dictated by Madsen Cycles. They are cargo bikes meant to make biking more economical. The cargo bucket has a removable bench with seat belts.

Another interesting cargo bike is the Go-Cab designed by Dutch design consultancy Van der Veer Designers. It can safely transport 8 children!

For those of you who like a more urban style are the Johny Loco bikes. Johny Loco is a lifestyle brand for eyewear, travel bags and fantastic looking urban bicycles. Check their Cargo cruiser (image below)!


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