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Unlearn and re-define

For the first time I can see real changes that will shape our old western world in the near future. When I say ‘changes’ – I mean real changes.

In the past 50 years, we have been going through a general ‘Americanisation’ of our lifestyle, work, business culture and systems. I am neither an economist nor a politician, but I notice that this experiment has failed. Together with this failure, all our trusted tools and methods have proved useless. Due to the progress of technology, entire aspects of our lives have changed. We work differently, we eat differently and we spend our leisure time differently.

And now we ask ourselves “differently from what”? Let’s take the concept of ‘family’. The definition of ‘family’ that we have today was built by the upcoming American marketing of the ’50s and ’60s. This powerful tool manipulated our perception and our entire life’s rules. Before, family was just an SME. You married somebody, often arranged, or met at the altar at the last moment. Marriage was not about romantic love but about trust and enterprise for the future. Men and women had their defined roles in society. Roles that survived for more than 2000 years. American cornflakes adverts changed this perception. They introduced ‘love’, ‘happiness’, and ‘togetherness’ and gave us the Utopian picture of our completely new family. It was a very tempting world. A world full of Hollywood dreams, artificial needs and unlimited possibilities.

The latest financial crisis was not really about finance but about the end of the ‘American dream’. Never before were the divorce rates so high, did our kids find it normal to have two rooms and two homes, was our silver generation so healthy and active, and did we all speak more than two languages. Due to outsourcing, we lost our production and manufacturing plants; instead, we created over-powerful brands. These brands created the illusion of choice. They manipulate our perception and awareness.

How to stop this self-destructive monster?

The answer to this question is the long journey that we have to make in our near future.

There is one geographical place in our western society where that miracle survives the destructive process of ‘Americanisation’. That place is Scandinavia. Somehow, people there have found their balance between ‘too much and too little’ (Finnish definition for happiness). It looks like we are slowly following the course of the new wave of ‘Scandinavisation’. It will take a while because we have to unlearn bad habits and forget old systems.

We will have to start redefining our lives and soundings. In our new western world, we will have to learn to live in communities and we will have to appreciate our multi-generation and all ages. We will make a living from our passion and interest. Glocal (global + local) economy will be based on the PPP (Private Public Partnership) model. We will slowly unlearn the sick carrier ambition, the rat race of the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s. A new generation will rise and will again appreciate the old values of the forgotten past. At this moment, we (generation X) have to start to unlearn and re-define.

It is time for plan B.



Above text was specially written for “2015 And Beyond Book” – published by Secondsight. Secondsight is a trend forecast community that collects and connects information about possible futures – views, perspectives, ideas and concepts; nearby and further away.


Below: pages and cover from “2015 And Beyond Book”

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