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Trends Twenty Seventeen


Everyone knows what the Old Year was like and everyone surely has an opinion about it. Life repeats itself and we must accept it. For some, the Old Year was a tremendous success, an opportunity to meet new people, to graduate, to accomplish new goals or even to start a new project. For others, it was a tragedy, a loss or a change requiring a transformation of their entire lives.

The New Year 2017 will be a year full of news we will not fully understand, because most such news will contain hidden messages. Those who follow and take interest in world affairs, read various media from various places in various languages will decipher the news without much effort.


Together with our unrelenting quest to make the world a better place through technology (for technology’s own sake) we are facing the 4th industrial revolution. It’s not automation and robotics, or the millionth app no-one needs, but the unification of biology, medicine and robotics. We’re talking here about intelligent, self-learning systems that correct errors and build new systems. We have created a nearly-living organism and now we must learn to understand it.




Where one thing ends, another thing begins. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the conventional world order that has existed for the last 20 years. The closing stages of the system of thinking, the closing stages of trust in politics, the closing stages of message and media, the closing stages of the financial system, the end of the society’s patience and the beginning of questions about the functions and roles of the State in today’s global world. A world where new business model ideas are being conceived. In the face of these changes, the existing legal systems seem to be dinosaurs inherited from earlier eras.



In the New Year, new social awareness will continue to develop. The society is regrouping in the name of new ideas, sects, beliefs, but it also forms clusters of professional skills. The more the merrier seems like an important saying here. Every single person, regardless of their age or sex, is an asset in social participation. We are once again discovering the power of bottom-up management. Our groups, communities, teams and squads are becoming to be the only guarantee of our success, satisfaction and survival.


image: Tsunami Kitchen, project by Arne Hendriks during the Alternativa exhibition in Gdansk’16


The 2nd decade of the 20th century is redefining the meaning of luxury. The new luxury will be telephones with no internet access – because silence and unavailability is the new wealth. Leisure time and holidays will be spent exclusively in own summer homes outside the city, because the working class is traveling the long-discovered world, jam-packed in crowded airports, waiting in endless lines to see pseudo-postcardesque attractions. The new luxury is to live and eat seasonally, while the masses eat tomatoes, strawberries and bananas on a 24/7 basis. A good night’s sleep will be another luxury. Yet another one will be natural darkness, becoming such a rare thing in our illuminated surroundings.


Image: Aurai – Powered by water circulation technology, delivers gentle yet effective massage to relieve eye strain and revitalize yourself to perform.


Our inner spirituality is our invisible wealth. Without it we’re nothing but a bare creature fighting for its egoistic experience. Technological progress has weakened our faith in our hunches, self-preservation and reason. Faith in the wonders of medicine doesn’t let us accept death; faith in weather forecasts and ready-made numbers is stronger than common sense and an old window thermometer; faith in the supernatural power of winter tires often turns us into madmen, and faith that our car will stop because it can recognize an accident before it happens shows the scale of human stupidity. We have no authorities or leaders (those in business and in corporations don’t count). We have no heroes, because at the very thought of the war everyone thinks where to emigrate. We have no gurus we could turn to with any question, because they have been replaced by the internet and community forums. We tell our doctors not about our symptoms, but about our diagnoses and medication they should prescribe. Could 2017 be the time for 21st century faith and a new spiritual awareness?


Image: Vollebak -a pink hoodie that relaxes the wearer before sport and a jacket with ceramic panels that helps prevent injuries from steep falls 


Everything Earth had has been taken away from her. The industrial revolution started to mine all minerals possible. This has taken us to the moon and let us discover the infinity of the world, but this trip gave us a different view of ourselves and our loneliness in space. Man is a wolf to man. We are unable to control our planet. All we will have left behind will be infinite amounts of waste. Waste is the result of one corporation trying to be different from another. It is the greedy race and constant creation of new needs we have already become addicted to. I hope that in the New Year we will be able to appreciate and point to brands and companies that will go for re-materials, or materials recovered from waste in 100%. Some pioneering countries are beginning to introduce priority agendas on which circular economy is the only new system of the future.


In the 2017, may we all have more reason, empathy and understanding for others, as well as the ability to appreciate (and first to notice) small, seemingly unimpressive moments of happiness.

The last but not the least:

Peace has always been among humanity’s highest values – for some, supreme.


– Peace at any price;

– The most disadvantageous peace is better than the most just war;

– Peace is more important than all justice;




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