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Trend or must?

Is so-called GREEN DESIGN a trend or is there simply no other way we can choose for future design? I observe a real boom in products featuring fancy “green” labels. The more army, old or retro these labels look, the more fashionable and more expensive the products are.

We are now paying about 5-10 Euro cents for a plastic grocery bag, but 1-5 Euros for an ordinary paper bag. This is something I really don’t understand.

We are kidding ourselves.

We call “food” something that isn’t food but a chemical adjustment in the industrial food production and we call real food “BIO food”. Whom are we trying to trick with our illusion?

The way I see it is that all the things we call bio or green or whatever other fancy name should be cheaper and widely available.

Above: 2 x Jan Sport

Above: 2 x nudiejeans.com

Above: Starbucks planner

Above: Ipod sleeve by papernomad

Above: All the Kings Men’s (ATKM’s) limited edition bags

Above: Keen at ISPO 2012




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