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Trash Generation

For a few years now I have observed among new generation of thinkers and designers a very big interest in TRASH. They all know that our daily rubbish will be a new source of material for future product development (product – not in a sense of ‘product’ as we know today). The biggest problem with our daily garbage is that due to the large mix of various materials, it is not possible to control any production quality. To use factories’ machinery you need very clear specs to run daily shifts with mass production and keep the industry thriving. That is not possible with the new trash materials. Every product has a completely different mix of ingredients and various chemical or natural components. This is extremely difficult but NOT impossible to solve for new generation. They experience this “new way of production” as a challenge, but also as the only way to survive in the future.

I call these new pioneers the “trash generation”. Young designers and researchers around the globe are looking for new solution(s) for our future new industry that will run on our over-production-post-trashed world.

Pim van Baarsen

Above: Pim van Baarsen


Above: KLM and Design Academy Eindhoven


Above: Jewellery in wood by Lofstrom

jerszy_seymour_workshop_chair_inspire_minimum jerszy_seymour_workshop_chair_minimum

Above: 2 x Workshop Chai by Jerszy Seymour


Above: Contemporary Primitives by Jagoda Fryca (School of Form Graduation 2015)


Above: Water Bed by Daniel Durnin (RCA)


Above: Flexibility at work by Vitra (100%Design London 2015)

DSCF6449 DSCF6452

Above: SustainRCA Show 2015


Above: Ceramics with attitude by Taz Pollard

P1010399 P1010401 P1010402

Above: 3 x Vlisco Recycled by Simone Post (DAE Graduation 2015)

P1010487 P1010491

Project: Recycling in collaboration with E.ON and DAE




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