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The dandy is back!

Gone are the days of arbitrary fashion, casual sportswear, and slick metrosexuals. Today, more men are discovering dandyism and giving it their own contemporary look.

“I Am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman – Photographer Rose Callahan and writer Nathaniel Adams have spent years exploring the fascinating phenomenon of dandyism. They visit contemporary dandies in their homes to document their impeccably designed lives in both words and images. Published by German publisher  Gestalten.

The presentation of the 50 gentlemen in this book doesn’t seem to follow a particular order. It begins with Sean Crowley, the extraordinary man who collects ties, and features musicians, lawyers, doctors, designers, stylists, artists, writers and bloggers. This portrait selection in combination with the insightful text really explains the style of each dandy in a very personable manner. Ironically, most men in the book would not refer to themselves as dandies.


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1604530_594149174002085_580168117_n  Doran photographed by Rose Callahan in San Francisco, CA on May 30, 2009 539631_552267704810183_2034621323_n 1450673_591476080889345_1115881708_n

Last week I flew from London Heathrow with British Airways. Just before boarding, at the entrance to the plane, were various newspapers and magazine. Believe it or not, I took ShortList MODE – the Free Fashion Magazine for Men. I was really surprised by the format and content. This is exactly the new magazine for today’s Dandy.

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Above: ShortList MODE – the Free Fashion Magazine for Men




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