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The choice is yours!

Due to my job I have become a very keen tourist. I can easily say that I am a constant tourist.  Everywhere I go I visit the museums, churches and of course check the famous landmarks. But, there is one thing that I like most of all: I love to visit local supermarkets. Shops are the mirrors of the cultures. They are living exhibitions of people’s behaviour, taste and choice. Packaging plays a very important role in this. You can discover many different faces of brands, different innovations or designs.

New Nutella

Playful bready Nutella for your morning coffee.


Westland’s Aftercut

Definitely something for the working man. Multi-flexible garden packaging with some really smart features.


New closing system

Blisters are not consumer’s favourites. They are designed to seal, not to open. But, here comes a new innovation: Easy to open/close blister packaging.

Above: 2 x Sally Hansen

Above: Whimzees dog chews


Soft is trendy

This new soft-sided and squishy pouch can be used for any purposes. It is even good for our environment because the soft plastic pouch uses 83% less plastic than a hard plastic bottle and it takes less energy to produce…

Above: 4 x Carrefour


New luxury

Veuve Clicquot is a French champagne brand specialised in premium products. For those who visit Milan Design Week it is a trusted brand at the annual Tortona Design Week. This year Veuve Clicquot teamed up with French designer Cédric Ragot, who helped the iconic champagne maker create the industry’s first 100% biodegradable isothermal packaging.  This biodegradable innovation allows the bottle to stay cool for up to two hours.


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