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Switches with a design twist

Last December, the French company Legrand opened its first showroom in Paris, The Lab by Legrand, located at 38 rue du Bac.

I admire Legrand for its truly new-era thinking. Legrand is one of the world’s leaders in electrical equipment (part of the Legrand group) that have decided to focus more closely on product development and design. To highlight their design focus, Legrand participated for the first time in Designer’s Days 2012 in Paris. This relatively small but growing event has from 2005 been organised by circuit and takes place in the centre of Paris. During the Parisian design fest,  over 90 exhibitions were on view in shops, galleries, schools and public spaces throughout the city. With their The Lab statement,  Legrand made clear that the switch as an everyday object can also be a design object.

Legrand asked French female designer Inga Sempé to reinterpret the Designer’s Days’ theme of Identity in the company’s new collection. Inga Sempé redesigned old-school switches, sockets and dimmers into a state-of-the-art collection.

“The collection looks simple, but also rigorous and poetic; this is what Sempé brought to our everyday objects”, says Pierre-Yves Panis, Design Director of Legrand.

During the event, The Lab by Legrand becomes a gallery showing the most emblematic collection of switches ever seen.


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