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Summer time

It is official. We have reset our clocks from winter time to summer time. Days will be longer, daylight and warm sun will take over cold-and-dark-winter days. Although, these dark days were good for something… we have now a pregnancy at our studio.

We all love summer. We can go and live outside. Enjoy sun, water, warm wind, fruits, friends and wine ….but not so much sleep. It is even difficult to fall asleep when the air temperature is high and mosquitos are dancing around.

To solve this problem, in southern Europe they invented the “siesta”, but in northern Europe there is nothing to survive 9 hours at work. Can you imagine having an hour’s “beauty sleep” in the office? But how should you organise this without ending up with a painful neck?

I found this Ostrich Pillow a perfect solution. I don’t know if your colleagues will approve of it, but it is always worth a try. The Ostrich Pillow is a cloth helmet enabling people to take a nap at their desks, in the bus, metro, on the couch or at any other uncomfortable place to sleep.

ostrich-pillow-portable-power-nap-micro-environment-2 ostrich-pillow-portable-power-nap-micro-environment-5 OSTRICH_PILLOW-C_STUDIOBANANATHINGS_01 ostrich_pillow_light_04 OSTRICH-PILLOW-41 Ostrich-Pillow-Junior_1_curvelive_1.jpg OSTRICH-PILLOW-LIGHT_STUDIO-BANANA-THINGS_010 OSTRICH-PILLOW-LIGHT_STUDIO-BANANA-THINGS_011C ostrich-pillow-light-portable-power-napping-pillow-for-people-on-the-go-0 7188aZPd1wL._SL1500_ B043_SE_COL-OSTRICH_PILLOW_STUDIOBANANATHINGS_04 original ostrich_pillow_05_1 ostrich_pillow_junior_02 studio_banana_things_ostrich_pillow_image_web_sleepy_blue


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