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Starbucks Reserve

After USA, Amsterdam and Moscow, Starbucks opened its next experimental concept store Starbucks Reserve in Wrocław, Poland. The 187 m2 shop and 63 m2 yard is located in the IX century tenement house nearby the old market square. The concept aims to intensify the experience and taste of coffee as well as re-define the atmosphere.

You can enjoy your morning blend from 6.00 a.m. and get connected with free Wifi. With its ‘Slow’ Coffee Theatre, hyper-local design, a floating community filling the spaces and an on-site bakery, Starbucks Wrocław is a glimpse into Starbuck’s vision of the future. Interior design features design icons such as the Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia and chairs by Charles & Ray Eames.

You can visit Starbucks Reserve  on Oławska street  1/1 in Wrocław, PL


Due to the European Football Championship, everybody has heard about this beautiful city with its difficult name.

Wrocław = Vro-tz-wav 

When the city was established around 1100 years ago, it was called Wrotizla. It was renamed Vretzlav when the Czech took over its control from the Poles. The city was then taken over by the Austrian Habsburgs and became Presslau, but when the German Prussians came into power, they renamed the city Breslau. Finally, after WWII, the city came back to Poland, after 650 years, and became Wrocław.

Wrocław has been chosen  as the European City of Culture 2016.



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2 thoughts on “Starbucks Reserve

  1. One correction – this store is located in a building erected in XXth century (’60). I don’t believe there was any dwelling in this location in IXth century, although it’s still one of the oldest parts of the city.

  2. Wystrój może być. Niestety widzę, że nadal stoją te Mastreny. Już myślałem, że skoro jest Reserve to jakość kawy będzie lepsza. Ta maszyna jest beznadziejna. Nie mogli urządzić się prawdziwym ekspresem kolbowym? I co z tego, że lepsze kawy będą serwować, skoro domyślam się, że ziarna i tak będą przepalone tak jak we wszystkich ich kawach.

    Będę omijać. Jest o wiele więcej ciekawszych lokali we Wrocławiu.

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