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Smart Highway

People have always had the desire to customise and personalise their environment (the Dutch landscape is here the best example). Fortunately, a future like in the black and white Metropolis movie will never come true. Our cities are bigger and in 2050, more people will be living in the urban areas than outside the cities. The modern infrastructure is already outdated for such a Mega City concept. What will the future of our infrastructure be?

Dutch technology artist Daan Roosegaarde and Roland de Waal, director of Heijmans (highway builder) will create a concept of an interactive and sustainable road for the near future. It will be a road which generates power. That power will be used to charge the street lights (where you drive there is light), creating energy-neutral, interactive lighting.

‘Sustainable Highway’ is already an existing vision from Studio Roosegaarde; it’s a road that generates electricity when cars drive on it.

Designing the ‘Sustainable Highway’ in the real world is an intense process in which car manufacturers, tire producers, whizz-kids, government and venture capitalists are involved. It is a combination of smart design and magnet technology. According to Daan Roosegaarde “ It is not to Copy-paste, but to Copy-morph, to learn and apply new innovations to designs, updating and learning during the process.”

Inspired by Studio Roosegaarde

More info: Dutch Design Work Space and Metro (Dutch)


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