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Sleeping with Your Smartphone

Sleeping with Your Smartphone: How to Break the 24/7 Habit and Change the Way You Work, a book by Leslie A. Perlow.

Leslie Perlow is a Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School.

Leslie Perlow in her new book, “Sleeping With Your Smartphone”, explains how a small group of high-powered consultants (The Boston Consulting Group BCG) made a concerted effort to disconnect from their devices for a few predetermined hours every week—and how they became more productive as a result. The following excerpt from the book describes how the scheduled disconnecting process, dubbed “predictable time off,” helped these phone-addled employees to take better control of both their workdays and their lives.

It looks like now we have to read books about our phone as well as learn how to live without it.

Life is very complicated!

More at Harvard Business School Working Knowledge and Leslie Perlow’s website

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