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Sabi – wellness packaging

Founded in 1999 by Yves Behar, fuseproject develops cohesive brand + product experiences. With a focus on establishing new markets and disrupting old ones, our work takes a long-term strategic approach to developing and enhancing our clients’ business, with teams spanning brand & market strategy, identity & naming, packaging design, product development and communications design.

The newest project is Sabi.

Sabi, a new health and wellness brand, is a fuseproject venture partner that brings high design and functionality to an overlooked market: medication and pill management products. While today a wide range of people focus on living healthier lives, from boomers to women taking prenatal supplements, there are only low-quality and less well-designed products available to them. Sabi products combine functionality and aesthetics, creating real tools to fit seamlessly within anyone’s life.

The eco-friendly packaging consists of folded printed papers, with consistent iconic shapes that create continuity on the shelf. The clarity and simplicity of the packaging complement the high-quality manufacturing, BPA free, and elegant materials of the products they encase. The combination of these elements makes the Sabi line very different from the pharmaceutical or medical looks of what has remained to date a faceless category. The Sabi products are one’s life accessories to live with every day.

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