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Repair Café

A new phenomenon is popping up in the Dutch streets: the non-profit ‘repair cafés’. The Dutch society is one of the richest societies in the world. This small community is up front of almost any innovation that exists in our 21st century. Why they’re called ‘repair cafés’? Well, following the 3Rs of Reduce, Re-use and Recycling, a 4th ‘R’  (Repair) has entered our mental awareness of new post- consumption society. This is necessary to make people enthusiastic for a new ‘durable society’.

There are already ‘repair cafés’ in cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Groningen and Nijmegen. In the ‘repair cafés’, people can have their defect products repaired by passionate people who want to help others by using their constructive knowledge. In this way, people will learn to look at their stuff in a different way and to value them again. It should be cheaper to repair the old product than to buy a new one. Food for thought for designers!


Inspired by Repair Café (in Dutch) | more info + movie: RNW





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