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Red Dot Design Awards 2012

Receiving a design award is such a fantastic moment! Red Dot is the one of the most prestigious awards you can get. Last Monday, the best awarded designers and their clients celebrated winning the much-coveted award for their work together.

The Designer’s Night Party was at The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, which is located in the old Boiler House converted in 1997 by Lord Norman Foster. It is amazing to be there and celebrate the design awards in the category of INDUSTRIAL DESIGN at the post-industrial environment of old Zollverein Mining Complex.

This year, there were more than 4.500 products from 58 countries competing for the Red Dot’s jury’s attention. Here are some winning objects that grasped my attention and that I particularly like:

1. It’s a new icon! These products can be seen: no hidden places for ugly things anymore! I want such a handsome “firefighter” in my living room.

Above: The Firephant – fire extinguisher, GPBM Nordic, design by Lars Wettre and Jonas Forsman.

 2. There are plenty of tools in DIY shops but they’re all made of plastic. Look at the tools below, made from nice shiny metal in combination with natural materials. Aren’t they lovely!



Above: Garden tools, design by Fiskars.


3. It isn’t a motor helmet. It’s a fancy fashion accessory! A product with handcrafted qualities and excellent detail work.

Above: Motor helmet, design by BMW Group.


4. Oh, what a black beauty! Black, matt front made of glass and wood, with wooden handgrip. A perfect example of post-industrial design meeting handcraft techniques and material knowledge.

Above: Kitchen oven , Amica Wronki, design by Code Architecture & Design Co. Ltd.

5. This is exactly the design I love to discover. How often do you visit a professional laboratory? Never! That’s why “the girl next door” will never call such a flow cytometer device a design object of desire. I love it. It’s simple and consistent, and it looks very modern.

Above: CyFlow Cube 8, Partec by formfreun.de

6. What power! He’s wild, he’s strong and you’d better not argue with him. In my deepest imagination I can even hear the engine running.  I wish to drive such a monster one day.

Above: Volvo equipment, design by Stina Nilimaa Wickström.

6. Clever thing, it knows your running habits exactly. But what I admire is its decoration. Look how its delicate pattern with the subtle perforations interacts with the grey background. Nice, hey?

Above: Interactive sport watch, Oregon Scientific Global Distribution, design by Perry Wong, Michael Young.




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