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Quantify yourself while sleeping

The age of the “quantified yourself” is coming, whether you like it not. There are still a lot of experiments being conducted with technology, materials and privacy aspects of this idea. But today you can monitor your sleep, the food you eat, your daily movement and the whole range of health conditions. Monitoring yourself while unconscious for almost 8 hours is the one thing that will definitely be very important in the future. Also the whole concept of sleep will change drastically. We will have to invest more in all sorts of devices and stuff that will help ourselves to fall asleep and will give us perfect comfort and feedback.


WakeMate makes personalised alarm clocks that sync with both a user’s body and their cell phone, enabling the iPhone alarm system to sound at the end of a REM cycle. The application/ wristband system also provides a full sleep analysis on their Analytics Platform. The WakeMate uses a science called actigraphy to analyse your sleep. Actigraphy uses an actigraph (the WakeMate unit) placed on the wrist to monitor the motion. The motion data is then analysed to determine sleep patterns and circadian rhythms of the subject. WakeMate was funded by the startup incubator Y Combinator.

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The Cuddle Mattress

The Cuddle Mattress is designed to make snuggling easier. Essentially the Cuddle Mattress divides the upper and lower portions of the bed into a series of slats. Side sleepers can wedge their arm — or stomach sleepers can wedge their feet — in between these slats. Each slat has a firm and a soft side, which you can flip depending on your sleeping preference. The slats come in three different materials: latex, polyurethane or polyurethane memory foam. The mattress also comes with its own stretchable, fitted sheets.

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The NeuroOn mask

It’s believed that various famous thinkers and inventors throughout the eras managed to sleep 4-6 hours less than an average person needs to. The secret of their super powers is supposedly what’s called polyphasic sleep. Polish company IntelClinic just launched a product on Kickstarter -the NeuroOn. It is a sleeping mask that measures brain waves, muscle tension and eye movements, then uploads the data via Bluetooth to a smartphone app, which in turn helps you to analyse and personalise your sleep patterns for optimal polyphasic schedule. The mask is “the world’s first digital sleep-control system that provides accuracy close to professional polysomnographic clinics.

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Designed to improve sleep

Select Comfort Corporation is leading the industry in delivering an unparalleled sleep experience by offering consumers high-quality, innovative and individualised sleep solutions and services. Their Sleep Number beds and bedding collection give a totally new perspective on night rest. Beds have specially designed DualAir technology inside, which allows couples to adjust each side to their individual comfort and support at the touch of a button.

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