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Power we need!

One thing is certain – Western civilisation cannot live without it. After water, power is the most important ingredient of everything we need to get through every day.  From laptop, banking systems, trains, planes, phones to fridges and hot water at home. The days of today’s sources of energy are already counted. According to authoritative sources such as US Geological Survey and PB Statistics, the end of fossil fuels will be around the year 2047. Maybe the sources of energy will have run out, but I hope that before that happens, we will have found better solutions. We will then use some new and clean energy source and our houses will be equipped with overall induction connections. Until that happens, we are stuck with boring power outlets and their extensions. Believe me, designers are doing their best to make something nice of it.

Above: 12 x Art. Lebedev Studio

Above: Belkin


Above: 3 x Pivot Power by Quirky

Above: Kikkerland Thunderbolt

Above: 2 x Powerpod by Coalesse | designed by Scott Miller and MINIMAL

Above: 2 x DCI Pug Out Plug Organizer

Above: Pivot Power Mini by Quirky

Above: Busch Jaeger



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