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Points of New Design

One of the world’s best design schools – ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland – has broken with the classical way of teaching and has created a new education paradigm by making architecture and industrial design more interconnected disciplines.

The project “ECAL chez Le Corbusier” (ECAL at Le Corbusier’s place) is a magnificent tribute to Charles-Edouard Jeanneret on the 125th anniversary of his birth. It is also, and above all, an encounter between a master and some students. “Having Le Corbusier as a client is no ordinary experience”, commented ECAL Director Alexis Georgacopoulos.

To imagine and then to produce objects for the villa “Le Lac” was the project conceived by Elric Petit, head of the bachelor’s degree programme in industrial design at ECAL, and Chris Kabel, professor at ECAL. The project soon outgrew the framework of a classic teaching activity: the potential offered by the site, the inventiveness awakened by this assignment and the quality of the executions naturally led to the idea of an on-site exhibition. Students designed useful, functional objects and accessories that would fit in villa “Le Lac”.

It is amazing to see how perfectly the students’ works are integrated into the environment. Also materials, colours, and details of each project in some way create a dialogue with the architect’s work.

The Villa  Le Lac is located on a thin strip of land on the shore of Lake Geneva, surrounded by the Rhone valley and the Alps in Corseaux. This is the first example of the modern architecture of Le Corbusier in Switzerland. Today, villa Le Lac can be seen as a true example of the kind of modern architecture that would arise shortly after Le Corbusier. The small house and grounds meet three of the future “five points of a new architecture”: the garden terrace,  free floor plan and large sliding windows.

Images by Nicolas Genta, responsible for the Photographic Unit and assistant at ECAL.

Above: Thibault Dussex

Above: Alice Spieser

Above: Yann Mathys

Above: Zoé Blanchard

Above: Massao Combeau

Above: Micael Filipe


EXPOSITION “ECAL chez Le Corbusier”

2 July– 29 August 2012

Place: Villa Le Lac. Address: Route de Lavaux 21, 1802 Corseaux, CH


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