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Playful and powerful

We cannot imagine shops without them! Packaging and the power of packaging!

We are anticipating the most catchy and attractive packaging when designers are working day and night to create something they call the ‘moment of truth’ (i.e. the consumer’s decision in front of the shelf).

Lately, there are so many funny and playful designs that I sometimes I even don’t want to open the box. I want to cherish the moment of not knowing what’s inside it, as if I’m afraid to be disappointed.

Above: design by Kempertrautmann  for Görtz GmbH


Above: design by Sun Young Park


Above: design by dkd  for Apivita

Above: design by gürtlerbachmann Werbung GmbH for Görtz GmbH

Above: designed by Beetroot for Trata OnIce



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