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Philips Tea maker 2011

The new slogan of the Philips Tea maker is ‘Bring your tea to life’. Naturally brewed to enjoy the goodness and flavour of the warm drink. The intelligent Philips Tea maker helps release the aroma out of each tea leaf by combining a specially designed teapot and a natural, convenient brewing process.

The Teamaker features 4 quick-select buttons to make it easy to prepare the most popular types of tea, including the black, green, rooibos and fruit herbal tea. You can choose the tea you would like to drink and prepare it with the optimal temperature and brewing time. (Tea maker comes with 0.7 l and 1650W). “We designed the user-interface to keep all the brewing options as unobtrusive as possible – to avoid links to digital appliances,” explains Nicole de Klein.

Inspired by IF Design Awards 2011

Images: Philips Design


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