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Pan Am (TV Series 2011)

The glamorous Jet-set era has already made its impact on tomorrow’s fashion, accessories and design.  The new period drama ‘Pan Am’  is about the pilots and flight attendants who once made Pan Am the most glamorous way to fly. ‘Pan Am’, which looks like any other series set in the early 1960s, is going to be a spin off of fabulous ‘Mad Men’ (AMC). If only for the costumes and ’60s music, ‘Pan Am’ is amusing to see at least once as a mood indicator for these times.

This season  the American TV stations air two new series: ‘The Playboy Club’ (at NBC) and ‘Pan Am’ (ABC). According to Alessandra Stanley (NY Times), ‘Mad Men’ evokes nostalgia for a careless, less restrictive way of life, floating on a permissive wash of sex, booze and cigarettes, but it never stops sending up the naïveté and backward biases of those times when ‘Pan Am’ romanticises the past.

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Inspired by BBC 2

Images: ABC | Pan Am

Above: Courtney McCann


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