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Old new premium

It looks like we’ve made a creative loop as our generation seems very eager to accept “old” things. Lately, designers have been inspired with our (great-) grandparents’ stuff.  There is a “come back” of simple brown cardboard without any fancy screaming branding. As before we should have more trust in quality than in brand. Quality should empower brand and not the other way round.

Funny, that these simple packaging designs are positioned as a premium product within brand proposition. Why?

Above: 2 x PACT packaging, designed by Yves Behar | Fuseproject

Above: 100×100 organic food packaging |

Final Project Thesis Product Design, made in 2011 with the assistance of Frédéric Misik.

Branding design in collaboration with Jesús A. Nieto

Above: Bloom Organics

Above: Smurfit Kappa, designed by VanBerlo

Above: HP Inks

Above: concept by  Erik Johansson


Above: Nezinscot Farms, designed by Lindsay Perkins

Above: Move-It. designed by David Graham


Above: Ipswich Brewing Co. | by Persuasive Graphics (James Utley, Keith Jernigan, Aubrie Barrnett and Zack Gulliani)