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No Crying Over Spilt Milk

A few weeks ago I was searching for some good examples of ergonomic products. I needed them for one of my ongoing projects. There are plenty of known products, from baby bottles to bicycle hand grips, but unfortunately there are not enough examples of FMCG products.

I was really glad when I found bottle milk from Al Rawabi Dairy Company L.L.C. based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

A milk bottle was designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Al Rawabi Dairy. The company took the whole design process very serious. They researched how people use UAE milk and juice products. This observation revealed that all bottles produced some kind of spillage during the adult one-handed pouring test and a high percentage also failed the two-handed test.

As a result the new bottle is designed to encourage customers to use two hands for pouring milk into the 2 litres, 3 litres and gallon-sized (±3.78 litres) bottles. Gripping the handle from the front and using two hands for pouring gives better control for people of all ages and abilities. The delivery of the product is improved by the unique curved pouring spout, which offers a smoother flow of milk reducing jolting and spillage. The new shape enables people to use the bottle in many different ways. According to the designers, the shape is inspired by the cow’s head, highlighting how close the cows are to the dairy plant and how fresh the milk is.


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