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Mushroom packaging

Ecovative Design has developed a process which uses fungal mycelium to bind materials together and grow them into specific shapes. The process uses an agricultural waste product such as cotton hulls, cleans the material, heats it up, and inoculates it to create growth of the fungal mycelium. The material grows for a period of about five days, and is then heated to make the fungus inert. During its growth, the material’s shape can be molded into various products including protective packaging, building products, apparel, car bumpers, or surfboards. The environmental footprint of the products is minimized through the use of agricultural waste, reliance on natural and non-controlled growth environments, and home compostable final products.


Speaking of mushrooms ….

Urban Farming is becoming a very important trend. Even if you don’t have a garden you can easily grow your food at home at any time of year. You can start with an easy-to-maintain indoor mushroom garden with a mushroom growing kit. The yields of this DIY mushroom growing kit will start producing pearl oyster mushrooms ready for harvest in as soon as 10 days. The kit  includes sustainable soil composed of recycled coffee grounds, which are inoculated with mushroom spawn. Mushrooms will begin to grow out of the box as soon as you cut open the box’s side. The only maintenance required is a simple misting of the soil twice daily — and the mister is included. There are plenty of mushroom growing kits to choose from.



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