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Monster wind blades

It is a fact that we, the Western society, are addicted to energy. We cannot imagine a single hour without it. Everything, really everything will in the near future need energy. But what will be the source of new energy? NASA is trying to find the most precious natural resources on Mars hoping to find the best one and be the King of the Energy World.

But we don’t need to travel space to find the energy we really need. Just wind and solar power should be enough. We should only re-think and re-design everything around us.

Let’s start with the wind.

Siemens has produced the first batch of its new 75 metres long B75 rotor blades. They will be installed on the second prototype of Siemens’ 6-MW offshore wind turbine, which will be erected in the second half of the year in Denmark’s Østerild Test Station. The 75 metres long B75 Quantum Blade demonstrates tremendous strength at a low weight and, thanks to its unique air-foils, offers superior performance at a wide range of wind speeds. If the B75 Quantum blade were produced using traditional technology, it would be 10-20 percent heavier. Heavy blades are subject to higher loads and require stronger nacelles, towers, and foundations. The combination of intelligent design and low weight has a correspondingly positive effect on the power generation costs for wind energy.


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