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Mini London

There is nothing more British (from a continental point of view) than the Queen, London and Mini.

We saw the Queen parachuting into the Olympics opening ceremony and we see London as an open urban arena for various games. Here comes the new Mini Rocketman Concept, showcasing Mini’s vision of future urban mobility and paying tribute to London and the athletes.

The new-look Rocketman combines innovative ideas for personal mobility in major cities with classical, unmistakably what they call “British design” features inside and out. Mini Rocketman is a concept for life in large cities such as London over the years ahead.

This Mini’s frame is made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic, enabling a lightweight construction. Its innovative interior concept accommodates three full-size seats and an extra seat suitable for short journeys. Another special feature is the distinctive lighting design for the roof. The concept car has a full-surface glass roof, whose illuminated braces recreate the look of Britain’s Union Jack flag. Even when the roof is not illuminated, the braces – running horizontally, lengthways and diagonally – continue to shine in bright Porcelain White. In darkness, the integrated optical fibres provide a pleasant indirect illumination of the interior and a compelling night design visible from the outside. On the new MINI Rocketman Concept, the roof’s transparent surfaces are bordered by a metallic red painted strip.

But the most distinctive element is the dashboard cockpit surface, which is bordered by a red bar and has a striking 3D effect. Its relief structure depicts the name of every host city of the summer Olympic Games in the modern era using artistically intricate lettering, with London given particularly prominent billing. The stowage compartment on the centre console between the driver and front passenger symbolises a basketball court with miniature players.

MINI Rocketman Concept represents the new design of Brit-chic style with sophisticated accessories and also put Mini as a brand with extraordinary creativity around various solutions for.

You can see this extraordinary car in the BMW Group Pavilion, which is located close to the Olympic and Paralympic Village that act as a showcase for the company during the Games.


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