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Let’s go fishing!

I remember those fantastic “fishing summers” when together with my friends we spent more time outside the water than in the water. The river and lakes were just a few minutes’ walk from our summer house. We went fishing for fun, but it was also our way of getting food for the evening bonfire. That’s why eating fish always reminds me of holiday time. Another leisure outdoor product, however, comes in a simple can. Camping without having a fridge, faraway from any stores and restaurants, it is the best option for having different and ready-made food, although I find that everything tastes exactly the same.

Talking about fish and cans, I’ve lately come across a lot of nice seafood packaging. It looks like after all the negative news about chicken and meat, fish is becoming a hot food.

Above: 2 x Trata, design Beetroot, Greece

Above: IKEA, design Stockholm Design Lab, Sweden

Above: 2 x The Saucy Fish Co., design Elmwood, UK

Above: Tear strip packaging by Walki, Finland

Above: 5 x Unimo Seaweed Shop, design by ISB BDO, Japan


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