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Led go!

LED light technology slowly replaces traditional illumination from domestic lamps in fancy, show-off cars and wearables. This small device not only allows us to save some energy but also to illuminate places and objects and change their meaning for good.

LED Wallpaper by Ingo Maurer

Is that just a thing you were dreaming about? Can you imagine such wallpaper on the wall? Maybe it even can count ships in the near future?

The LED Wallpaper comes in rolls of 320 cm x 60 cm, with five pattern repeats. Each pattern consists of 48 white, 60 blue and 60 red LEDs, a total of 840 LEDs with approx. 60 watts. Ballast and an aluminium baseboard are part of the LED Wallpaper set, produced by well-known company Architects Paper in Germany. The unique combination of wall decoration and lighting is available in green, red and white.

LED Wallpaper was selected as “Best of Best” among the winners of the Interior Innovation Award 2012.


No Place Like Home shoes by Dominic Wilcox

Designer Dominic Wilcox added GPS to a pair of shoes so you can always be guided back with a click of the heels.  Dominic said: ‘I decided to make a pair of shoes that can navigate you home wherever you are. I thought about the Wizard of Oz and how Dorothy could click her shoes together to go home.’

The project was commissioned by Global Footprint, a visual arts and living heritage group based in Northamptonshire – which itself has a long heritage in footwear, including the headquarters of famous Dr Martens and Barkers.

Wilcox’s  shoes are empowered with PC software and a USB cable, so that, once you have got home and tried your shoes on, you can then simply upload your home address, and from then on your shoes will tell you which way to walk. The GPS antenna is embedded in the left shoe’s heel which also contains a ring of LEDs that guides you like a compass.


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