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Just do what’s right

“Things that are important are always gut calls”

More than one year ago, the world lost the true leader of the big multinational Apple –Steve Jobs.

His successor Tim Cook is not so famous and hardly ever gives interviews. You can say – a totally different man.

I really admired Jobs for his leadership skills and for doing things from his deep belief and conviction, but I did not know anything about Cook. I was very happy to read an exclusive interview in Bloomberg BusinessWeek (wk 50).

Actually, although Tim Cook is a different person than Jobs, he thinks and believes in the same principles. In this interview, Cook tells us more about company structure and changes. I like him quoting Kennedy “to whom much is given, much is expected” when he refers to Apple employees. This is not about money but about freedom of thinking, about the freedom of being who you are. Cooks sees himself as a cheerleader of crossover collaboration. He values people’s diversity of thoughts, diversity of styles and wants people to be themselves.  VanBerlo may not be the Apple Company and we never had or have the ambition to be, but after reading Cooks thoughts I realised that I am working in a company that’s even better than Apple. Cooks named Jony Ive the designer with the best taste and design skills in the world. Well, I don’t agree. I think that Jony found a perfect example to follow – Dieter Rams’ philosophy. I admire VanBerlo designers for their passion, for their flexibility, for their unique personalities and talents.

Maybe Apple’s Northern Star is focusing on enriching people’s lives but whose company isn’t.

It is every company’s dream to be or to cause the paradigm shift, but not every company wants to take a risk. That’s why we need more (cheer) leaders, not more executives.

“Creativity is not a process – it’s people who care enough to keep thinking about something until they find the simplest way to do it. They keep thinking about something until they find the best way to do it (…) collaboration is essential for innovation.”

I really liked this interview. It made me aware of what we sometimes think: “the grass is always greener in our neighbour’s yard”.

Want to know more about what Cooks thinks of Samsung, or what he thinks will be the next big thing in the field of “wireless stuff”? You can find this article at online Businessweek.


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