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Impranil coating = Second Skin

Last week, the London 2012 Olympics opened with a spectacular show that confirmed the ongoing turning point in our society. We have left the industrial era far behind to enter a new age of creative knowledge.

Sporters are busy with breaking their records and winning medals, while big companies are testing their newest innovations. One of these innovations has just been unveiled by Bayer Material Science.

Bayer’s new Impranil Coating opened the doors to innovations in Adidas running shoes and sportswear. Bayer and Adidas have been collaborating for over 25 years.

The new “adipure” line of training shoes from Adidas supports natural running through a rolling motion over the metatarsus and forefoot. It owes its unique properties to a textile coating based on a polyurethane dispersion from Bayer MaterialScience’s Impranil range. The application of the coating provided the designers with almost unlimited design scope not only for shoes but also with jerseys.

Screen-printed coatings based on Impranil can be used as highly elastic bands in jerseys with TECHFIT PowerWeb technology. When the bands are stretched in competition, the material briefly stores the energy of an athlete’s movement, which would normally be lost, and converts it into increased speed and power. This improves performance and prevents premature fatigue. The higher compression avoids undesirable muscle vibration that can affect an athlete’s performance. Furthermore, the actual coating technology produces significantly less waste than conventional production.

Impranil dispersions are waterborne and completely cosolvent-free. Textile coatings formulated with them retain their excellent properties after machine washing and drying. Stress-strain tests provide impressive proof of their high resilience.

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