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Hopper’s Vision of Reality

It was a long time ago when I saw Edward Hopper’s paintings for the first time. There was definitely something about them. Something that struck my attention and reached deeply into my emotions. I remember that some 6 years ago, before my flight departed, I rushed to see a special exhibition organised by the National Gallery of Art in Chicago. It was then that I fell in love head over heels. Hopper’s work touched my creative soul. Light, shadows, colours, contrasts and lonely people deeply immersed in their thoughts. Hopper’s cinematic compositions and dramatic use of light and dark has made him also a favourite among filmmakers and others and heavily influenced the iconic house in the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho.

Even today, filmmakers refer to his realism.  Last year was the première of a new movie production, “Shirley – Visions of Reality”, directed by Austrian film maker Gustav Deutsch. Deutsch was inspired by Hopper’s staging and assembling of reality as well as by the women Hopper portrayed.

The film uses 13 cinematically vivified paintings by Edward Hopper to tell the story of a woman (Shirley) who lives in a reality she doesn’t accept as given but rather as a made up and changeable construct and who sticks to her convictions in moments of truth. Key Cast: Stephanie Cumming, Christoph Bach, Florentin Groll and Elfriede Irrall.


shirley01_stephaniecumming(c)kgp photo by jerzy palacz shirley02_stephaniecumming,tomhanslmaier,(c)kgp photo by jerzy palacz shirley03_christophbach,stephaniecumming(c)kgp photo by jerzy palacz shirley04_stephaniecumming(c)kgp photo by michaelac.theurl shirley05_stephaniecumming,christophbach_,(c)kgp photo by michaelac.theurl shirley06_stephaniecumming(c)kgp photo by michaelac.theurl


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