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Grooming generation

When I was a teenager, everything about shaving was almost a taboo at school. There were not so many newspapers yet and definitely no Internet to check and read about it. Boys knew about it from gossip and through the help of older brothers.

Today, the young grooming generation has all possible sources, info, products and retail channels. What really struck me is that the young gentlemen are more inspired by their grandfather’s than their father’s shaving rituals. Their fathers are the generation of plastic disposable razors and shaving foams in spray cans. Definitely, there is nothing elegant and “sexy” about it. Of course TV, commercials and various influential media promote “retro fashion lifestyle”, Mad Men manhood and fancy moustache and beard. Some decades ago, we called them Yuppies, today they prefer to be called Hypsters. Doesn’t matter what the name is, those modern Dandies are men who are trying to be cool for the sake of feeling superior, while pretending to be anti-commercial and anti-mass movement. Ironically, they are main stream for today’s fashion industry.

Barber, Amsterdam

Barber is a shaving salon in Amsterdam. Their philosophy is to provide men with time for themselves by giving them the luxury of a good old straight razor shave or trim. Skilled barbers will not only shave you, but they will also  welcome you with tasty coffee, whisky or a cold beer.

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Baxter of California

Founded in 1965, Baxter of California was one of the first grooming lines made just for men. Today, it combines the best of science and nature into easy-to-use, high quality products endorsed by our expert barbers here in LA. In 2010, the brand launched its flagship location of the Baxter Finley Barber & Shop featuring classic barbering services alongside a curated collection of men’s grooming products. The shop focuses on classic skilled barbering and great service, with elements of old school barbershops.


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