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Glowing gloves

In countries like The Netherlands or Denmark we have to commute daily and cycling is part of the city’s public transportation. All is arranged and goes smoothly. But what about the cyclists in cities where you have to win your place in the busy rush hour traffic. Now, in winter time and with short daylight, we can use many light-giving products that increase our safety on the road.


This is the DIY KIT to make your own Biking Glowes with LED indicators. Including LED beads, conductive thread, coin cells and coin cell holders and a manual describing all parts and how to make the Glowes. Additionally a pair of gloves and a needle are needed to get started! The gloves, known as Early Winter Night Biking Gloves, have been designed by Irene Posch. Five LED lights on each glove, each powered by a single coin cell battery, light up when the wearer clenches their fist. Let’s start!

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Signal Gloves

These cool Signal Gloves from DOPPELGANGER in Japan are a definite upgrade on your safety. The gloves have an embedded LED light triggered by a thumb-accessible button that flashes indicating the direction you wish to take, alerting both cyclists and motorists.


Scooter Gloves

Scooter gloves was developed and designed by Anthony Carton, student at the University of Minnesota. Carton’s project was awarded the “Most Innovative Design Concept” at International Symposium of Wearable Computing 2012 Design Exhibition and accepted at Ubicomp 2012 as a “Design of context-aware signal gloves for bicycle and motorcycle riders” poster.


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