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Generation gap?

It seems that the generation gap has never been as blurred as today. Parents ride bicycles, scooters and skateboards with their kids, while their own parents enjoy new gadgets. It is now a common thing to see an elderly person working, gaming or chatting behind the laptop. This may make us wonder what kind of activities we will do when we reach the age of your parents.

Zurich-based association Senior Design Factory teams up groups of people, young and old, to take part in creative projects together. The first branch of the project, comprising a studio, workshop and retail space, opened last March, while the second branch, which includes a small Café, was opened last summer. The project was initiated by designers Debora Biffi and Benjamin Moser, who have been developing the concept together since 2008. The age of the designers taking part ranges from mid-twenties to ninety.

The Factory runs regular knit and stitch workshops where participants can exchange and develop skills, using their new knowledge to create items for the Senior Design Factory’s shop.

In their offer you will find recipe cards, knitted tableware and stylish walking sticks designed by the Danish brand Omhu.


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