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Future of Healthcare

This year, the Norwegian company Det Norske Veritas AS Research & Innovation (DNV) published a very interesting report “Technology Outlook 2020 – Healthcare”.  DNV is a global provider of services for managing risks and an independent foundation that serves the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment.

The “Technology Outlook 2020 – Healthcare” is a small (45 pages) but very rich publication containing information, infographics and illustrations. In the first chapter the authors sketch the Global Megatrends with a special focus on changing demographic population, economy and rapid development of technology.

The most interesting is the second part in which the writers make a translation from trends to possible scenarios in the HEALTHCARE sector. They identified four different themes that are dependent on the relationship between preventive medicine vs. curative medicine and fragile economic growth vs. robust economic growth.

1. Scenario: Tough Medicine

This is very similar to the situation of today’s healthcare sector. A social movement of “responsible citizens “ led by the younger generation promotes a healthy lifestyle for us and for our planet. Social media is the most important platform.

2. Scenario: Wealthy Health

Due to the Silver Economy, the healthcare sector is the most profitable sector in the economy. The philosophy of patient-centred care becomes the norm and includes many aspects of proactive wellbeing.

3. Scenario: Critically Ill

This is a black scenario. Economy is still at its lowest when diseases continue to increase. The biggest challenge is ever-increasing obesity and lack of adequate healthcare personnel. These phenomena cause potential safety and health hazards for patients.

4. Scenario: Expensive Cure

This is the most advanced scenario, when biotechnology has started to deliver major breakthroughs in treatments of chronic diseases. Due to new technology, healthcare becomes a very expensive service that is mostly delivered by private clinics. These facilitate the movement of healthcare across borders.

You can find a full report here.



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