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Future 5 in 5

Up until now, only a select few of the world’s leading businesses and government agencies have had the ability to marshal vast financial and computing resources to solve almost any highly complex problem. But in the coming years, this type of power will become available to individuals as well– through the assistance of computers that learn and help us make the most important decisions affecting our lives. This vision is not science fiction. Because of today’s advances in computing, we’ll hold learning machines in our hands in the foreseeable future. And because of the nature of these machines, they’ll keep getting better at what they do. They’ll learn not just about us as individuals but about the collective us. Over time, they’ll get better at serving the needs of society as a whole.

To get a sense of how learning machines will affect you, consider IBM Research’s 5 in 5 predictions for this year — five innovations that will change the way we live, from classrooms that learn to cyber guardians, within the next five years…

The classroom will learn you – The classroom of the future will learn about each student over the course of their education, helping students master the skills critical to meeting their goals.

5 Trends for the next 5 years:

Education: The classroom will learn you



Retail: Buying local will beat online



Healthcare: Doctors will routinely use your DNA to keep you well



Security: A digital guardian will protect you online



Cities: The city will help you live in it



More info at IBM


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