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For you, with love

We are tired of mass-produced items. More and more, we, the consumers, demand customised products. The biggest challenge for the brands of tomorrow will be the service design of personalised goods. In today’s complex manufacturing, shipping and selling system there is almost NO space for making something that is really for you and only you. Since Nike’s ID concept, many leading brands dare to follow the trend of co-creation. But unfortunately, many of these extra services are very expensive. And this is an issue of misunderstanding the consumer’s needs. It is very difficult to change things in the rusty chain of business models. Personally, I like Nutella’s social marketing very much. Nutella Belgium challenged their consumers via Facebook to create a Nutella jar label with their own name on it. This event took a few months and elicited great response and involvement. What I like about this project is that Nutella dared to play with its own brand. It is not about customising a kitchen apron or mug with your name on it, but about the label of your winning product.

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