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Food storage awareness

Enormous quantities of food are thrown away every day. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), about one third of global food production (around 30 to 40%), is lost or wasted annually. To avoid food losses, a variety of concepts and technologies are becoming available such as storage containers, hermetically sealed bags, metallic silos, etc. But the most efficient thing we can start doing today is using our fridge in a different way. Many students from different design schools are very seriously trying to re-arrange traditional fridge storage as well as our food habits. One of the interesting solutions comes from Spanish designer Fabio Molinas – OLTU.

OLTU is like an organism that takes advantage of the heat produced from the back of a fridge, which in today’s fridges is wasted energy, and uses it to help to cool the “totem” of vegetables via cooling by evaporation. The heat rises and affects the double wall of the clay containers which, with the help of the water contained between their walls, is able to lower the temperature thanks to the heat extracted from their interior, recreating the ideal atmosphere for the needs of each group of vegetables. This is also a sustainable product because, as part of its functioning does not depend on energy, costs are minimal and, most importantly, each item is kept fresher. Personally, I think that this is an industrial product with a strong educational component for the user: each person can now know about the needs of vegetables and preserve them in a more responsible and natural way.

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