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Food in HiLow* edition



Last Saturday in Amsterdam, on June 29, an interesting public lunch event took place called the Damn Food Waste. It was a “manifestation” aimed at focusing the attention of consumers, brands and politicians on food waste. In the Western countries, we annually throw away good food to a value of almost 4.4 billion euros. The organisation of the event prepared a free lunch that was made of food that due to various rules (usually for aesthetic reasons) would end up in the trash can. Really a fantastic initiative that invites all of us to reconsider our food behaviour.

Above: 2 x Nieuws.nl



Another interesting manifestation regarding food was done by Sebastiaan Wolzak. Just a few weeks ago Sebastiaan graduated from the Royal College of Art in London. His final project called Nutri was about “contextual food computing”. Nutri is a kitchen system that calculates and allows us to visualise the nutritional values in home-made meals. The system is designed around a docking station connected to the cloud and a series of interconnected kitchen appliances which provide information about the type and amount of ingredients used. This system keeps our body on a healthy weight, improving our well-being and body shape.




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