> posted by   on July 5th 2012

Feel-good Ocean

We’ve been hearing a lot about luxury ships lately. To begin with, 100 years ago we lost the RMS Titanic on her first and last tragic transatlantic journey to America. To memorise this accident, famous movie director James Cameron in cooperation with National Geographic reconstructed the last tragic moments of the then largest passenger ship in the world.

In January this year, we saw the Costa Concordia lying on her side on a rocky underwater ledge along the Italian coast line.

Even though we replaced glorious transatlantics by elegant jets long ago, large cruise ships are still symbols of expensive and chic holidays. One of the newest ladies on the seas is the MS Europa 2. “Our concept addresses modern cosmopolitans with a relaxed lifestyle through maximum individuality and comfort,” says Julian Pfitzner, Head of Product Management Hapag-Lloyd Cruises.

This very modern and elegant ship has excellent accommodation that offers Veranda Suites with balconies facing the sea. Also, 16 Spa Suites will have whirlpool tubs and rain showers with steam saunas, providing guests with a private oasis of well-being on-board.

It is a bit too much, but to be honest the 4 and 5 star hotels are also over-luxurious. Simply because of our busy stays, we often do not have time to enjoy all the facilities they offer.