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From now on, every step you take will contribute to even more shared experiences than ever before. Nike launched a new platform that connects all users of their Nike + products.

Through this platform that is called “Game On, World”, Nike wants to challenge the world’s greatest athletes to inspire people around the world to achieve their personal best.

Maybe such a platform is a good idea. You can share your “records” and daily distances at one place without bothering the Facebook friends with your jogging-in-the-park-5 kms achievements.

For some of my Facebook connections, posting their sports journal online is becoming a real obsession.  They start training 4 weeks before our annual city marathon thinking they will be able to reach their top potential in such a short time. Maybe such a platform can give the bees in their bonnet the chance to share and talk about their performances without involving everybody around.

I am really starting to like this very connected world. Maybe, it will actually protect us from all uninvited information.





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