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Easy travel

Time flies. It was only a few months ago when we celebrated the New Year. Today, students are starting their new school year. It’s September. For me, September and October are the busiest months in my entire agenda. Many international, big fairs as well important design festivals. To manage all the travelling I have become a master of packing. I will share with you with some things that make my travels easy.

Shower net bag

In my experience, it  doesn’t really matter whether you sleep in a very fancy expensive hotel or in an economy accommodation. All the shower facilities are equipped with one lousy soap-size corner shelf. It is so small and so not useful that it only irritates when you’re having a shower. I put all my shower cosmetics in a net bag (bag to wash your bra in the washing machine) and hang it on the shower rail. It works perfectly. Also, it is very easy to dry with a hairdryer.


First Aid

It sounds very banal but believe me, in every country there is different perception of help. I remember I asked in a hotel for a band-aid and they told me that due to some regulation they couldn’t provide me with it. Also things like paracetamol or other “standard “medicine cannot always be provided by the accommodation owner. That’s why I always have a small First Aid pouch in my luggage (which I check in). It is very small but very helpful. “An accident is a very strange thing; it’s never there till it happens.” (Winnie-the-Pooh)

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After a whole day of working and often of walking, the most pleasurable moment is coming back to my hotel room and taking off my shoes. I discovered some particular brand that perfectly supports my feet and gives all the desired comfort. These slippers are made from very light foam and believe me, they add no weight to strict luggage restrictions.


Power extension

Unfortunately, I am one of the “wall huggers” (Samsung commercial) and I am constantly searching for power outlets.  It is very annoying to see that hotel architects were born yesterday and that their idea of power outlets hidden behind the bed, under the table or somewhere by the door is definitely not working today. I decided to make my life easy and always travel with my power extension to plug my cable in  and have four outlets. This is also very helpful when travelling to the US or UK and using only one power adapter.

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Travel documents

Less stress = better travels. I keep my all travel documents as well as all public transportation tickets and cards in specially designed books. They are very light and equipped with handy storage pockets. It is very important to separate all the travel documents from your purse, which is a very easy target for thieves.

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