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Don’t call me pill. I am smart!

The demographic shift will change our social landscape. Baby boomers are already starting the new trend followed by Generation X. We will work longer; we will be healthy and very much active in social communities. This will be made possible by new and advanced technology that will be integrated in almost all daily products and environment.

Smart-pharmacy-packaging is one of many new things to come in the days of tomorrow.

Many companies are already starting with clever services and connected packaging that can communicate with patients and pass on doctor’s  advice, change doses or even buzz to remind patients to take a pill. There is even a new technology that allows to “push to refill” and your order will be delivered to your door the very next day.

Smart packaging

Keystone Folding Box Co., a manufacturer of paperboard packaging solutions, has collaborated with sensor and printed electronics provider Information Mediary Corporation to develop a “smart” blister package with many of the sustainability benefits of Ecoslide-RX. The new Ecoslide-RX with integrated Med-ic technology is senior-friendly and child-resistant.

Above: 3 x Keystone Folding Box Co.


Wireless packaging

The Stora Enso Pharma DDSi Wireless package is based on conductive ink on a carton board based blister inlay, which is connected to a cellular module embedded in the package. This enables the tracking of one pill at the time on removal from the blister, whereby data is sent to the cellular module and then forwarded wirelessly, even instantaneously if required, using GSM or GPRS cellular networks, to electronic health record systems. This allows real-time tracking and intervention by a physician and also enables physicians to make timely changes to patients’ medication. The blister inlay connected to the cellular module in the Pharma DDSi Wireless is made of environment-friendly, recyclable carton board with no metal components. The cellular module is equipped with a chargeable battery enabling up to several months of lifetime without recharging. Automated real-time reminders enhance the control of prescribed medication.

Above: 3 x StoraEnso


Smart blister

Smart blisters are pharmaceutical packages capable of monitoring when a pill is taken out of its packaging. Qolpac and Holst Centre have jointly developed a technology that integrates an ultra-low-power processor and radio into a thin plastic foil that could replace the standard backing foil of a blister package. Drawing on Qolpac’s expertise in therapy adherence solutions, the two partners will further develop this technology for mass-market use. This includes finding suppliers and manufacturers capable of supporting a high-volume application.

Above: 2 x Qolpac + Holst Centre


Glow cap

GlowCap by Vitality. About half of America is on at least one prescription medication, and most are challenged to take their pills as prescribed. GlowCap help people stay healthy, independent, and vital. GlowCaps illuminate, play a melody, and even send a cellular signal over AT&T’s wireless network to trigger a text message or ring a home phone, so that people are prompted to take their medications. To enlist support, patients may elect to have their pill caps share their pill taking history with a family member or physician. GlowCaps even have an embedded push ‐ to ‐ refill button which reaches out to their pharmacy to automate refills.

Above: 8 x Vitality




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